CrossFit, Intentional, Praise Part 2, Sunday February 23, 2020

Sunday, February 23, 2020 Series: CrossFit Bill Ritter

In this second part of "Intentional Priase" we wrestled with the fact that "too often when we think of praising God, it's due to something that He's done for us, like an answered prayer. But CrossFit believers choose to praise God not because of His performance in their lives, but in response to His nature, person and character." God loves me despite my inabilities and imperfections. CrossFit believers willfully choose to praise God, regardless if He doesn't perform to our preferences/requests. If "all" is taken away, there's still one thing that calls us to show our praise to our Lord...Romans 8:38-39. Pastor then shares Psalm 150, which explains the What, Why, How and Who of praise.

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