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This page is dedicated to sharing articles, links and other important information that conservative Christians should be aware of, involved with, and prayer warriors for, as being salt & light in the world. Matthew 5:13-16

California Healthy Youth Act is WRONG

A parents’ right to have their child excused from classroom sexual health education lessons should not be limited by a school district’s misinterpretation of the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA). We don't want Planned Parenthood teaching our children.

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Our religious freedom is under attack again...EQUALITY ACT (HR 5) passed congress with a handful of conservative politicians opposing it. If you made you voice known, thanks. Keep standing up for biblical correctness. Keep supporting politicians opposing this onslaught of evil and attack against religious freedom and conservative voices. Example, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene

One Politician Stands Up

Easily Contact Your Representatives

Use this tool to easily email and/or call your House and Senate representative to make your voice be heard

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January 2021 Prayer Guide

Many are concerned about events happening in our nation. Tony Perkins with Family Research Council compiled a good document to help guide your prayers.

January 2021 Prayer Guide

Family Research Council

A resource for biblical principles regarding political engagement with a worldview, issues, and voting.

FRC Website

Current California Legislation

Stay informed about the proposed laws that affect your faith, family, and freedom.

CA Legislation