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This page will be dedicated to and updated regularly with articles, links and other important information that Christians should be aware of, involved with and prayer warriors for, as it pertains to being the Salt & Light of the world in Jesus' name.

January 2021 Prayer Guide

Many are concerned about events happening in our nation. Tony Perkins with Family Research Council compiled a good document to help guide your prayers.

January 2021 Prayer Guide

Democracy Dies in Daylight If Normal Americans Don’t Do Anything

We have many Bible studies meeting around the area. Everyone is welcome!

Dying Democracy Article

Real Impact

Your headquarters for current election Information: local, state national.

Real Impact

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

Christians are biblically called to honor God in every area of their lives. Therefore, we should seek to submit everything to the Lord, including political opinions and media posts. Engaging in politics is not only unavoidable today, it’s also an opportunity to obey God, walk in truth, fight the spiritual battle that is HERE and NOW, and show love to our neighbors. Article by David Closson

Biblical Principles of Politics

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S. 3275)

Stop Late-Term Abortions! Urge your senator to vote for "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" (S. 3275)

Unborn Child Protection

Easily Let Your Representatives Know

Family Research Center (FRC) offers a quick and easy tool to help let your elected officials know your stand on important topics, such as recent Supreme Court rulings, religious freedoms, and abortion.

FRC Quick Help Page

Family Research Council

A resource for biblical principles regarding political engagement with a worldview, issues, and voting.

FRC Website

Current CA Legislation

Stay informed about the proposed laws that affect your faith, family, and freedom.

CA Legislation