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This page will be dedicated to and updated regularly with articles, links and other important information that Christians should be aware of, involved with and prayer warriors for, as it pertains to being the Salt & Light of the world in Jesus' name.

AB 2218 Brought Back to Life...NO!

Shocked...the CA Senate Health Committee caved in...rescheduling a vote for AB 2218 Monday, August 10. This is a DIRECT contradiction to what the Senate staff told us last week, saying it was dead.

AB 2218 Alive Alive Again

Is Gender & Sexuality Important in the 2020 Election?

In November, voters will elect a new President and Congress, along with dozens of state amendments and referendums, 35 Senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 10 gubernatorial races. A growing topic of divide is gender and sexuality. This article will help explain the importance of this topic and how different each party sees gender and sexuality.

Gender / Sexuality Election

CA's Comprehensive Sexual Education Program

This link will take you to thirty articles to educate and warn you about AB 329. Also included is the Opt-out Form & Legal Letter for concerned parents.

CA's Alarming Sex Ed Program

Who Would You Vote For?

Christian, would you support a president who promised to: Strike down law mandating school bathroom choice, Promote free speech & religious liberty for all citizens, Strike down law mandating Christian businesses pay for the “morning after pill”, Support school choice & home schooling, Support Israel, Support life of the unborn, End purchasing fetal body parts and view the Church as essential?

Three Year Accomplishments

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

Christians are biblically called to honor God in every area of their lives. Therefore, we should seek to submit everything to the Lord, including political opinions and media posts. Engaging in politics is not only unavoidable today, it’s also an opportunity to obey God, walk in truth, fight the spiritual battle that is HERE and NOW, and show love to our neighbors. Article by David Closson

Biblical Principles of Politics

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S. 3275)

Stop Late-Term Abortions! Urge your senator to vote for "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" (S. 3275)

Unborn Child Protection

Why the Bostock Ruling Will Never Have the Final Word On Human Sexuality

Our rapidly changing moral landscape presents a daunting challenge for Christians committed to biblical sexual ethics. Challenges to centuries of norms concerning the family, marriage, and human sexuality are diminishing . A recent Supreme Court decision means legal definitions and understanding regarding human sexuality are changing, too.

Supreme Court / Bostock

Easily Let Your Representatives Know

Family Research Center (FRC) offers a quick and easy tool to help let your elected officials know your stand on important topics, such as recent Supreme Court rulings, religious freedoms, and abortion.

FRC Quick Help Page

Family Research Council

A resource for biblical principles regarding political engagement with a worldview, issues, and voting.

FRC Website

California Voter Registration

Every Believer has been given the chance and right to vote based on biblical values. Your vote counts!

Click to Register Now

Christian Voter Guides

We provide three links to help you research various candidates, bills, and propositions.

Voter Guide

Current CA Legislation

Stay informed about the proposed laws that affect your faith, family, and freedom.

CA Legislation

Protect Parental Rights in CA Schools

Stand with Christian parents and concerned citizens across California.

Parental Rights